Bio: Biola graduate who makes and teaches art. My poetry book "Backslide" is available now, sold at Green Bliss Cafe in Fullerton, CA. You can also contact me if you would like a copy of your own.

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  1. Hi Kearci We have all read with tears your love for your Grandfather. It was well done. I talked to him a week before his passing,
    and he was in good spirits. I think back on our conversation, there was love in his voice when he spoke of his family. Our hearts are sad, but will think
    of the good times we spent with the family. Please give your Grandmother a big hug from your Aunt Donna and Uncle Lloyd. We will be down to see all
    of you once your Grandmother feels up to it. LOVE to all your family From all our family. The McDonalds



    • Thank you for your kind words Aunt Donna. We love you and are so grateful for your care in this devastating time. Can’t wait to see you guys. Send my love to all in Canada.


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