Typhoon Feelings

feelings always hit me
like a typhoon
my emotions
are a natural disaster
glorious in their force

a minute of quiet rain
until the wind zips through
the corridor,
my jacket
storm exposure
I’m enraged
over a thing you said
fourteen months ago

Branches from the trees
we walked under a thousand times,
simply friends getting dinner,
line the street
Their bond to the trunk
with more ease than it took you
to write me off

My house shakes
each time I get close to shaking you
You’ll swoop in with the rain
but when?
It’s predictable how unpredictable
You’ll whisper in the gust of wind
that I’m sorry’s too high a price to pay
for walk to dinner under trees with me

What I notice about storms and pains
is I can’t do a thing to tame them
As I try to forget you
and the sun comes out again
and I’ve misplaced the rage
It hits me
Like sleek sheets of rainwater
This body survived gale force winds
and this heart will survive you



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