And other things that get away


Can’t quite pinpoint
Where the waves swelling in my head
Will crash
Isn’t that the way
With water
And other things that get away?

Barreled through my brick wall
And I loved you with every last ounce
An off-white phone cord tangled
On my forefinger, red dust settles
Begs to be swept
(I’m not in the rug business)
Didn’t it seem as if
Our boxing match was on the nightly news?

Sitting across a new table
Familiarity and novelty
They go off together
We blindly follow
Didn’t you kiss me in the street
And did I pause to give my trust?

Too often at the edge
And the edges of my lips
Turn up towards the lights floating
Over the deep and wide and black abyss
Should I give it all up to return to the time
You whispered in a room
That your ounces loved me back
But yelled in a courtyard instead?

IMG_6134 copy.jpg


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